2021 Corporate Responsibility Successes

by Megan Basore, Duke Realty VP of Corporate Responsibility

Duke Realty 2021 Corporate Responsibility ReportFor years, Duke Realty has been focused on developing sustainable facilities, fostering a fair and equitable workplace and ensuring ethical governance. We are now seeing the results of our diligence and persistence. Our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report outlines Duke Realty’s successes and showcases our findings of a materiality assessment critical to furthering our ESG goals. We are taking a transparent approach to our data and strategies so that our stakeholders can better understand our thoughtful and sustainable practices. Here are just a few of our achievements in 2021.

We set a critical goal of achieving carbon neutrality for emissions in our operational control by 2025. To achieve carbon neutrality, we must reduce our carbon emissions, replace energy sources with renewable energy and offset our energy consumption. We outline the actions we will take to achieve this goal in our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report.

We continued to invest in community solar programs across the country even receiving the best Community Solar project in Solar Builder’s 2021 Project of the Year Awards for our investment in renewable energy in New Jersey — one million square feet of solar panels on our rooftops generating more than 11 megawatts of clean electricity. In total, Duke Realty, through the project in New Jersey and ten other operational projects across the nation, will help generate 28.5 megawatts of clean electric power annually.

In 2021, we launched our Smart Building* design which will provide tenants with a selection of elements, such as a smart metering system, a building automation system (BAS), and an energy storage solution (ESS), that they can incorporate into their facility during the design process. We just completed the first of these buildings in Southern California.

To ensure that Duke Realty’s ESG strategy remains focused on key impacts to our business and what matters most to our stakeholders, we completed a materiality assessment in 2021. This process helped us identify the issues that materially affect us, our customers, investors, associates, board of directors and the communities we serve. From this, we garnered various action items — immediate and long-term.

For Duke Realty, 2021 was a year of many accomplishments leading the way for a more sustainable future for the industrial real estate industry. We are proud of our work toward carbon neutrality and our engagement of tenants as we are their trusted advisor in creating more sustainable facilities. We continue our focus on ESG in 2022.

To read and download Duke Realty’s 2021 Corporate Responsibility report, please visit: https://www.dukerealty.com/corporate-responsibility/.

*Visit the environmental page under Corporate Responsibility on our website for more detail on smart building features.