A Good Fit for Bon-Ton Stores’ New Fulfillment Center

Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. needed a new facility fast, but that didn’t get in the way of meticulous research to ensure that the final product was just right, and in just the right location. The team considered dozens of possibilities before narrowing its search to 32 sites that would fit Bon-Ton’s needs. As the field was whittled and the company’s needs further refined, Duke Realty had the edge.

“We had some experience with [Duke Realty], and we liked that experience,” recalled Bon-Ton Stores, Senior VP of Distribution James Rawlins. “I looked at a number of buildings—we certainly weren’t locked into Duke Realty—but I liked their buildings best. I thought they were better quality construction.”

Calling building owners to follow up resulted in “nothing but glowing reviews” about working with Duke Realty.

The decision made, Bon-Ton and Duke Realty flew into action to make the new 743,600-square-foot fulfillment center a reality within the Park 70 at West Jefferson. Find out more about the process and the result in our video.