Bisnow taps CEO Jim Connor for industry expertise

Addressing the pandemic-driven spike in e-commerce activity and its impact on the logistics industry, Bisnow interviewed Duke Realty Chairman and CEO, Jim Connor for a feature article on international e-commerce growth. The article, International E-Commerce Growth A Wild Card For U.S. Industrial Demand, published on February 22, 2021 shares Connor’s insights on industry trends. Connor shared that he doesn’t expect the domestic demand generated by e-commerce to drop off as the pandemic ebbs, a situation that will continue to be good for U.S. industrial properties.

“Customer and market share gained by e-commerce companies will not be lost, and other drivers continue to positively impact the industrial real estate industry. Safety stock is now necessary for expanded inventory for major U.S. retailers and consumer products companies, and is anticipated to drive in excess of 500M SF of growth in the next few years,” said Connor.

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