Broker Insight: Mike Caprile on Negotiation

Selling properties requires a focus on the details—the multitudinous details—according to Mike Caprile, Vice Chairman, Institutional Group, CBRE.

He’s been working with Duke Realty to build deals for the past 25 years, which not only means that he’s able to have the info he needs at his fingertips, but that he’s “working with best friends.”

“There’s trust both ways,” Caprile said. “Everything’s very practical, very logical, and it’s negotiating: Nobody’s pounding their hand on the desk saying, ‘I gotta win!’. . . I’m not telling them, and they aren’t telling me. We’re putting ideas together.

“Duke Realty makes my job easier.”

Get more details about Caprile’s Duke Realty experiences in our video.