Corporate Responsibility

At Duke Realty we realize the impact we have on the communities we serve and the world in which we live. And we know that thoughtful, sustainable practices—environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and responsible corporate governance—are not just good manners; they’re also great for business. We share our actions and their results in our 2021 corporate responsibility report.


Our sustainable development, energy, and resource usage policies help to create a cleaner, healthier environment for those we serve. These policies include pursuing 100% LEED certification for all new buildings, the use of energy efficient lighting across nearly 90% of our portfolio, and a Sustainable Development Policy that represents industry best practices to improve long-term asset value, and offer our tenants efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable workspaces. We also issued three green bonds for eligible green projects demonstrating our continued commitment to sustainability and environmentally respectful development.

Furthering our commitment to environmental stewardship, we are committed to achieving carbon neutrality for emissions in our operational control by 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality in alignment with the Paris Climate Accords by 2040. Learn more.


To us, social responsibility in its most basic form means treating our people and our communities the way we’d want to be treated. That means maintaining, strong relationships with our tenants, our associates, our suppliers, and members of the community. Duke Realty’s wellness, community outreach, and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives strive to empower more people and strengthen our bonds with our stakeholders. Learn more.


Our commitment to ethical corporate citizenship emphasizes board independence and diversity, respect for human rights, and transparency and oversight that help to reinforce our commitment to our Code of Business Ethics. We believe responsible governance is not just best practice—it’s also best for our business and our investors. Learn more.

Corporate responsibility reports

Our corporate responsibility reports highlight the impact our efforts are making for our people and our communities. And they showcase how sustainable and ethical practices are best for our business and our investors.



Our corporate responsibility efforts have led to recognition within our industry and the communities we serve. Though awards aren’t the reason we try so hard, they’re a welcome sign that we’re on the right track.