Duke Realty Associates Help Communities Through the Pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to impact communities we serve across the country, our teams are helping wherever and however they can.

In April, when personal protective equipment (PPE) was in especially short supply‚ our Cincinnati office donated 100 shoe coverings and approximately 30 masks to American Mercy Home Care, a home healthcare provider.

At the time, most supplies were being directed to hospitals. The Cincinnati team heard about the shortage of PPE at American Mercy, and since their office had extra shoe coverings and masks on hand, they decided to donate them to the organization.

In August, when the need for more widespread testing became a concern, our Atlanta team worked with the Fulton County Health Department CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort), and our tenant, Dick’s Sporting Goods, to provide free COVID-19 testing for nearly 300 people.

Regional Vice President Natalie Tyler-Martin helped to coordinate the testing effort. “We worked with CORE to set up a testing site at the park, with the goal of making it accessible for tenants, their employees, and the greater community that surrounds the park,” said Tyler-Martin.

Noting that other testing locations in Atlanta suffered traffic backups due to locations on the street grid, Tyler-Martin explained why the park surrounding Dick’s Sporting Goods was ideal. “We could queue a lot of cars while avoiding a line that wrapped around blocks. One hundred or more cars could line up quite comfortably in the park without impeding traffic,” said Tyler-Martin.

The testing took place over two days. Dick’s Sporting Goods arranged for tents and other outdoor facilities for the team of volunteers who, along with city leaders, helped to get the word out. The Fulton County Marshals Department provided security and directional details.

“For our tenants, our logistics workforce is essential. They’ve needed to stay healthy,” Tyler-Martin said. “The area around that park was a hotspot for a while. Easily accessible testing was critical so people could keep working and provide for their families.” The Duke Realty Atlanta office has also helped supply local food banks in order to ensure that people in the area can continue feeding their families.

“This pandemic has impacted everyone in some way,” Tyler-Martin said. “Many have been fortunate to have the ability to work remotely and still provide for their families. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most, but we are glad to be able to step in wherever we can to help.”