Duke Realty Discusses ESG Strategy on Nareit’s REIT Report Podcast

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As environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) strategy continues to be a growing focus of REITs, Duke Realty continues to be a leader in corporate responsibility. That means working on environmentally respectful developments and building operations—and making sure the company has a strong plan for a sustainable future.

Recently, Ann Dee, executive vice president and general counsel, and Megan Basore, vice president of corporate responsibility, joined the Nareit REIT Report Podcast to give insight into Duke Realty’s ESG strategy. This included discussion about Duke Realty’s cross-functional corporate responsibility council that developed strategies to enhance the company’s ESG efforts. The corporate responsibility council also assisted with monitoring qualitative and quantitative outcomes to make sure the company stayed aligned with ESG goals—and these efforts continue today.

Ann and Megan also discussed challenges, lessons learned, and much more about Duke Realty’s ongoing focus on ESG. Listen to the podcast here or visit our Corporate Responsibility section to learn more about our commitment to ESG.