Duke Realty General Counsel Ann Colussi Dee Reflects on Her Career with IBJ

Image of Ann Colussi Dee

Ann Colussi Dee

When Ann Colussi Dee first joined the Duke Realty legal team in 1996, the industry and especially Duke Realty’s portfolio were changing fast. Now general counsel, Dee spoke with Mickey Shuey of Indianapolis Business Journal about her current role and the path she and Duke Realty have taken. The interview is part of IBJ’s 2019 Indiana 100 report, which profiles the 50 largest private and 50 largest public companies in the state.

“When I started, we were definitely in a very large growth mode,” Dee recalled. “I was heavily involved in the company’s efforts to focus on industrial properties, so that required us to sell a lot. There were years where we were selling large portfolios of properties, so from a career standpoint that was exciting. I got to learn everything about the transaction.”

And the transaction, at that time, was quite different. Dee recalled that in the days before electronic paperwork, face-to-face negotiations were the norm. Environmental reporting has also impacted the process, adding “a layer of due diligence and a layer of complexity.”

Dee now oversees a team of 12 attorneys and paralegals. She describes that career growth in the article, where she said it required “letting go of the little things” and has forged strong personal bonds.

“Some of the people I’m working with today are people that I’ve grown up with working on very basic transactions 23 years ago, and now we’re sitting next to each other in the executive suite,” she said. “That’s really exciting because we know all the deals that we worked on together to get here, and we have a trust with each other and the knowledge of each other when we set strategy.”

“That’s what keeps us here, being able to work with really smart, quality, committed, devoted people.”

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