Duke Realty Stands Out as Strong Investment Says Forbes Contributor

Certainty is hard to come by and especially scarce when it comes to investments. With the Fed cutting interest rates recently (and possibly a couple more times before the year is out) and dicey trade relations abroad, finding stalwart stocks gets trickier. Enter REITs, writes Brett Owens in Forbes.

Pointing to real estate investment trusts (REITs) as not just weathering economic storms but outperforming the market, Owens names three “forever” stocks—including Duke Realty—in his article, 3 Top REIT Buys for the Next 55 Years.

“REITs have consistently clobbered other stocks,” Owens said. “And bonds, too.” He’s basing that bold statement on a 2017 study that evaluated investments from 1960 to 2015 and found a 6.43% compound annual return for REITs, which stacks up favorably against stocks (5.45%), non-government bonds (3.5%), and government bonds (3.06%).

Naming three REITs that are “more than worthy of your attention if you’re on the hunt for stocks to buy and tuck away till 2029, 2039—heck even 2074,” Owens highlights Duke Realty for having “smashed the S&P” over the past decade.

Owens points to our management of 156 million square feet of warehouse space as a driving force for reliable growth: “In the first quarter, Duke’s warehouses were as full as they could reasonably be, at 98.4% occupancy. Core FFO soared 10% as management deftly renewed leases and signed deals with new tenants at higher rates.”

Check out the full article to find more about why Owens counts Duke Realty among his top three REIT buys.