Duke Realty's Commitment to Justice and Equality

To all our Stakeholders,

Prejudice has no place in our world!

As Americans, we can no longer ignore the racial inequality and social injustice that exist in our country. We must join together and take proactive steps to stop discrimination and recognize that every person regardless of race, color, religion, political beliefs or cultural background is entitled to humane treatment, justice and equality.

We must all be part of the solution. No longer can we say “why” or “how” does this happen in the United States today? We need to ask ourselves “what are we going to do to stop it from ever happening again?” We must all work to create change. Change that is not only long overdue, but what is truly right and just.

At Duke Realty, we believe in the importance of every individual and recognize that the diversity among us only makes us stronger. Our core values of responsible, respectful and resourceful align perfectly with the approach we all must take in our interactions with others. Real change can only occur when we are accountable for our actions, respect the differences in others and find creative ways to solve problems.

We are committed to these values and doing our part to create a world free of racial inequality and social injustice. There is no place for discrimination or racism of any kind at Duke Realty.

To our colleagues who are struggling with these events and the wanton violence and destruction in our communities, I want you to know that our company’s leadership, including our Board of Directors, stands with you and will do everything we can to support you in your time of need.

As CEO of Duke Realty, I assure you that our company is vehemently opposed to discrimination and will continue to do all we can to support our diverse communities and stakeholders and foster a culture that values and supports diversity and inclusion.


Very truly yours,




James B. Connor
Chairman & CEO
Duke Realty Corporation