Duke Realty’s Mark Denien Honored as a Top CFO of the Year by the Indianapolis Business Journal

Denien MarkThe Indianapolis Business Journal recently honored Duke Realty’s Mark Denien in their 2015 CFO of the Year recognition program. Denien was cited for his many accomplishments within the company, including bookkeeping for 141 million rentable square feet of space valued at more than $10 billion.

In the IBJ profile, however, Denien reveals he almost pursued a different career.

“It was either accounting or finance, and I even remotely considered being a math teacher,” Denien said in the article. Ultimately, however, it was his interest in business that won out, and he pursued a career in accounting.

Even from the beginning of his career, Denien was involved with Duke Realty, which was his first client when he took a job in public accounting with KPMG. 16 years later, he officially joined the Duke Realty family, and ultimately assumed the position of CFO in 2013.

Since that time, Denien has done remarkable things. As the article points out, “in the last 12 months alone, Duke Realty has raised more than $2.4 billion in capital and paid off $1.4 billion in debt.” These and other achievements were part of what ultimately led to the IBJ’s recognition of Denien’s performance.

Read the full article here. You can also see the complete list of honorees here.