Duke Realty’s Susan Bergdoll Talks IWIRE

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Susan Bergdoll, VP of Leasing

IWIRE (Industrial Women in Real Estate) is a key part of the industrial real estate landscape for women in Chicago.

As a member of IWIRE’s Advisory Council, Duke Realty’s Susan Bergdoll understands firsthand the importance of the group. Its mission—to foster collaboration and education through the development of a network of women in industrial real estate—has helped women in and around Chicago further their careers.

“A couple of events we hosted in 2014 were really successful,” said Bergdoll. “First, Kelly Gray, an IWIRE founding board member and information officer, put together a Tech Tools and Tips event. It focused on utilizing the technology that is out there today to benefit our customers. It was a great event, and we held it twice because there were so many people.”

In addition to holding events, IWIRE also provides an excellent platform for women to learn more about commercial real estate from industry veterans.

“With our singular focus, I think it allows people to interact and ask very specific questions about things that go on in our business. They can get answers from people who have ‘been there and done that,’ and give them a solid answer they can rely on,” said Bergdoll.

With 69 current members, IWIRE continues to grow. 2015 is poised to be its best year yet.

“I can’t tell you how many people sent me emails, or commented when I saw them at later dates, on how much they learned,” said Bergdoll. “So I think it’s had a great impact.”

IWIRE focuses on the greater Chicago area but expanding the organization across the U.S. is a future possibility. If you’d like to read the entire rejournals.com article that features Susan discussing IWIRE, click here.