Jim Connor Highlights Duke Realty’s LEED Development, Corporate Responsibility at REITweek

When Duke Realty Chairman and CEO Jim Connor sat down with Matt Bechard at REITweek: 2019 Investor Conference, talk quickly turned to sustainability.

Duke Realty, Connor said, is a leader in LEED development with 28 LEED-certified professionals in its construction and development group.

“We believe in being a good corporate citizen,” he said, “and that entails leaving the world a little better than when you started.”

That effort includes infill development, environmental remediation, and recycling materials like brick, steel, and concrete during demolition. It also means that Duke Realty plans another billion dollars of LEED-certified development over the next three years.

A big part of sustainability and good corporate citizenry, Connor said, is “building great, quality, state-of-the-art buildings that will last for the long haul.”

Connor identified the current top-performing areas as the seaport-driven and population-dense Southern California and Northern New Jersey markets.

Check out the complete interview to hear what Connor has to say about the composition of Duke Realty’s portfolio and what sets it apart. You can find out more about our sustainability efforts on the corporate responsibility section of our website.