Nancy Shultz Outlines Warehouse Demands for Orange County Register

As online shopping grew over the past year due to the pandemic lockdowns, so did the demand for ecommerce warehouse facilities. Retailers are also trying to meet tighter shipping deadlines with last mile facilities — delivery hubs closer to consumers. The Orange County Register details the impact it’s having on the Southern California real estate market. The publication tapped Duke Realty’s Nancy Shultz for her expertise and to share Duke Realty’s investment strategy in Southern California.

By growing last-mile delivery capabilities, retailers are decreasing their dependence on third-party logistics firms and shortening their delivery schedules. This is driving the demand for warehouses with plenty of parking in convenient locations — close to major thoroughfares and the end consumer.

“It’s one of the most valuable pieces of real estate,” said Shultz, Duke Realty’s Southern California market leader.

The article, Amazon triples Southern California delivery hubs to get packages out faster, published on March 29, 2021.