Retiring CEO Denny Oklak Reflects on His Career in an Interview with

As retirement nears for Duke Realty CEO Denny Oklak, he took a moment to reflect on his career accomplishments in an interview with Oklak, who served as CEO for nearly 12 years, felt especially good about the company’s repositioning in the last few years.

“We really repositioned the company to have the best industrial portfolio in the United States. Also, while smaller, the best medical office building portfolio,” said Oklak in the interview.

Oklak also expressed confidence in Duke Realty’s future, telling that he felt confident in his successor, James Connor, whose 17 years with the company meant Oklak thinks he needs very little in the way of advice.

He also believes that the future of real estate is a bright one.

“This point in the industrial space is about as good as we’ve seen it for a long time,” Oklak said.

You can read an article on his interview here, or watch the video on that same page.