RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC

When RTI International decided to change course from working with architects and general contractors to working with a design/build firm to expand its Research Triangle Park campus with the addition of two buildings, Duke Realty stood out from the pack.

“A couple key things led to our decision to work with Duke Realty,” said Allwyne Richards, Vice President, Facilities, for RTI International. “Duke Realty had built buildings with similar specifications around the United States numerous times. This experience was very important to us.”

“Duke Realty also has its own construction capability. So we were hiring a general contractor at the same time. And when we went and toured their buildings, we were in.”

Richards said that he knew RTI’s project would be challenging.

“We are a unique organization with unique needs, and Duke Realty really knew how to listen to us.”

The projects—one 120,000 square foot building and another of 126,675 square feet—were completed in 2008 and 2011 respectively. Both buildings are LEED® Gold Certified, and each came about through a strong partnership.

“I talked to the Duke Realty team on a regular basis, and we developed a strong working relationship over the course of the two projects. I have a lot of years in development, and I can tell you the success of a project depends significantly on having a solid partnership like the one I had and still have with the Duke Realty team.”